You Grow From Now

Moments. Life is an accumulation of fleeting moments. One moment after the next, soon to be retired by a brand new one. The past moments reside simply as a documented perception; a fragment of what that moment really existed as within its lifetime. The future moments reside as a man-made thought; a prediction based on past experience; a fantasy; a guess at best.

I think that sometimes we get so caught up in the feelings we felt during those past moments, or wondering what feelings we may feel in the next moment, to really take the time to evaluate our feelings in the moment we’re experiencing. There is something to be said about really feeling your sadness opposed to constantly searching for ways to push that moment past you. It’s not in happiness that we find ourselves, but it’s in the low moments that we can really learn the most of ourselves.

Of course we should be aware of our emotions and conscious of where our emotions are coming from. Sometimes anger isn’t warranted or sadness is created within us, but sometimes, sadness is a part of being human. Sometimes anger or frustration is inevitable. Something to remember is that you are the space between stimulus and response. Feel those emotions to the bone, but then use your new knowledge, your new experience, your future wisdom, to take actions in the present that will help you grow from this moment and into the next.

No one can bring back the past. And that’s refreshing. The past may have been great, but that moment has come and gone. You only have a finite number of moments in this life and if we wish to experience the same moment time and time again, we’re missing out on the infinite other moments that are waiting for us. No one has a crystal ball to tell you what tomorrow is going to bring, but it’s the actions that you take or don’t take in this moment that will shape your tomorrow. In that sense, you can certainly create your future moments the way you see fit, but only by being present in this moment and taking action in the now.

What can you learn about yourself today by reflecting on how you feel at this very moment?

James Garner