Fairy Tales and Happily Ever After

…Then the Prince and the Princess ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after…

Happily ever after isn’t the end of the story. It’s actually just the beginning. Once you find your happily ever after, you accept the grueling task of breathing new life into that happily ever after every single day. You have to fight for what you love. After all, having what you love isn’t living. Having what you love is the by product hardships you push through to manifest that happiness. Fighting for what you love is living. If you won’t fight for what you love, you’ll never live happily ever after. Fairy tales serve to motivate us with happily ever after, rainbows and unicorns, and all theĀ icing on the cake without the egg cracking; All the finished product without theĀ cake batter mixing mess that made the finished product possible.

The problem is, in these fairy tales, once we read happily ever after, we close the book. Whenever the movie reads happily ever after, the credits begin to roll.

Real life is actually the opposite.

In order to truly live happily ever after, we have to open the book in the first place. We have to have those initial battles with the dragons and the evil forces pushing our happiness farther and farther away. We have to take those journeys over mountains and through rivers. We have to make possible what was thought to be impossible. Only then do we reach happily ever after. But that’s not the end of the story unless once you reach happily ever after you close your eyes and breathe your last breathe. Our pursuit of happily ever after isn’t with the purpose of ending our time once it’s been identified and attained. Our pursuit is in hopes that we will spend time living our happily ever after once it’s attained. The fallacy we fall prey to is that happily ever after is effortless to maintain. Happily ever after is in fact the most difficult state to maintain, but if you’ve ever fought for something you love you know the fight is more than worth it. The benefits of the happily ever after more than outweigh the blood sweat and tears of the effort.

What do you love?

What’s your happily ever after?

What are you willing to fight for?

James Garner