The Difference One Letter Can Make

Like most of my messages, this message was inspired by a life experience.

Dwight Gilmer (DW), a small business consultant, gave an inspiring speech about the power of words and the difference a single letter can make in your life.
The word men means more than one man, but if you add an o to the beginning, you create the word omen, which means an event regarded as monumentally good or evil. A Lass is defined as a girl or a young woman, but if you remove the L, well…you can see how much power can be held in that one letter and the effect it can have on a word’s meaning.

The word DW asked us to focus on during his speech, however, was the word hole.

The definition of a hole is a hollow place in a solid body or surface.

DW pointed out that if you have a hole in a cup full of water, the water will leak out until the cup is empty; in the same way, you can create a hole in the ground by digging into it and physically removing part of the ground.

Another way to look at a hole, however, is in more of a metaphoric sense; the idea that we can have holes in our lives. Many of us walk around content to have holes in our lives. We allow there to be holes in our relationships, in our finances, in our careers, in our spirituality, in our happiness and fulfillment.

Why are we so content to let these holes in our lives dictate our actions in the present and ultimately determine our future?

Only you can answer that question for yourself. We all have holes in our lives at some point, but the good news is we can stop accepting the holes as a part of us and begin working towards filling those holes. How do we do that?

We can do that with one letter:


When you begin with a W in mind, you begin to make your holes whole.

I know.

Mind. Blown.

There are three conceptual Ws we should keep at the forefront of our thoughts if we want to have more fulfilling lives and make ourselves whole again.

Here they are:


Seek Wisdom. You have to be willing to seek wisdom outside of yourself. We are all full of our own unique experiences, which help us all make sense of the world around us. Often times our single-minded perception can distort the true reality. It’s through keeping an open mind to an outside perspective that we can begin to understand the full reality of the world around us. Through the humility of acknowledge that there is very little you truly know, you will be empowered to seek wisdom from others, which ultimately will give you new ideas, strategies, and wisdom to use towards your own goals and challenges.


You have to acknowledge your self worth. Self worth can save you from self sabotoage…Sometimes we can find comfort in our holes because of the stories we allow ourselves to believe. Our self-esteem, if it has been damaged, can convince us that we’re not good enough. You may not believe you’re deserving of that new promotion or that new job. You may not think you are good enough for your significant other. Like many people stuck in this vicious cycle, you may tell yourself a false story so long that you begin to accept it as truth, which often times shows itself in the form of self sabotage towards your goals and dreams. You begin to manifest the life you “deserve” based on your now subconscious beliefs, but you deserve more than that. You are worth more than that. Give yourself the affirmation of your own self worth every day and you will begin to see the truth: You deserve more. With that realization, you will begin to take actions with those beliefs in mind, which will inevitably lead to more progress towards your goals and your dreams.


You have to be willing to put in the work. The person who seeks the “Get Rich Quick” scheme is the person that sits around day dreaming and never makes a move forward. The person who gets rich quick gets up off the couch and puts their dreams to work. Being rich can mean different things to different people. Your dreams are yours to have, but whether it’s financial wealth, emotional/physical health, a happy family, a successful business, or travels around the world, no one is going to give you a free ride. You’re going to have to take that ride yourself. Everyone has their own goals and dreams they’re pursuing, so there’s no one that cares about your goals and dreams like you do and no one willing to work hard enough to make them happen except for you. Without the work, all you have is a day dream. Put in the work, however, and you will watch that once day dream become a reality.   I appreciate DW for giving me permission to highlight his speech here in my blog and I hope you’ve gained some insight from his wise ideas. Below is some additional information about DW if you would like to learn more about the positive influence he is having on the world around him.

Now go out there and make your holes whole!

About The Inspiration

Dwight Gilmer | The Greatness Coach
As a Motivator, Educator, Encourager and Supporter of Dreams, Mr. Gilmer has spent more than 15 years empowering people to reach new levels of achievement. Mr. Gilmer believes in helping people discover and pursue what he refers to as their P.P.D.

Passion, Purpose and Dream!

He understands that life is full of obstacles; however, he also understands firsthand that life is full of people that overcome their obstacles. He is known for helping people gain the tools necessary to establish, maintain, and grow not only their businesses, but their life.

Now the owner/operator of three successful for profit businesses and one not-for-profit business, Mr. Gilmer experiences firsthand the issues facing entrepreneurs in today’s society. He has been featured as the keynote speaker throughout the east coast; lecturing on topics such as Financial Success, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Skills and the importance of chasing your Dreams. His belief that “you can always be better” stimulates his passion for the development of the minds and spirits of people. And he stands firmly behind his motto “make today a GREAT day because every day is an opportunity to do something GREAT.”

In an effort to help others pursue their PASSION and DREAMS, Mr. Gilmer conducts a monthly (4th Thursday of each month) webinar free of charge that focuses on growth and empowerment.  During these webinars he and special guests teach techniques and philosophies that have allowed them to be successful.  You can register for the next webinar at

Mr. Gilmer is also set to release his inaugural book “Get R.E.LO.A.D.E.D for Success: A Knockdown Does Not Equal A Knockout!” next month!

Congratulations DW!

James Garner