30 Days of Inspiration: Day 30

30 Days of Inspiration is reserved for subscribers to my mailing list. For the month of September, subscribers will receive 1 inspirational email per day and are encouraged to respond with inspirational stories of their own. At the end of … Continued

30 Days of Inspiration: Day 29

When I first read this quote, I thought, “What the heck does that even mean?!”   After some reflection, I’d like to share with you what it means to me. We are only aware of ourselves because of our perceptions … Continued

30 Days of Inspiration: Day 27

Earlier this month, we discussed intentions and the importance of being intentional. Affirmations are a tool to reinforce your intent into your life, your subconscious, and they will, as a result, enforce on a deep level the action necessary to … Continued

30 Days of Inspiration: Day 26

During the history of man, we’ve struggled just to survive. We’ve certainly developed ways of making that survival easier, but early on, our main mission each day was simply to work towards the essentials. Some people, undoubtedly, still have that burden, but many of … Continued

30 Days of Inspiration: Day 25

We all have our weapon of choice. We’ve all been through enough trial and error to know that we’re good at certain things and not so good at other things. We all have some default go-to move in time of need, but … Continued